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Is ‘The Flash’ Getting a Second Season? Everything We Know So Far About a Season 9

The Flash is finally back on our screens for Season 8, but many fans are wondering if this will be the final season for DC’s beloved speedster. While it may be premature to speculate about a possible season 9 of The Flash, we already know that nothing in the DC Universe lasts forever. Arrow, Supergirl, and Black Lightning had to say their goodbyes to fans recently. Is this a hint that The Flash is on the way?

Here’s everything we know about season 9 of The Flash.

Is The Flash really not returning for Season 9?

That is the big question, and unfortunately for us, The CW has not yet responded. The cast is currently contracted to work on the show until season 8, which means their contracts are about to expire. New contracts can be difficult to negotiate, but since Jesse Martin, Candice Patton, and Danielle Panabaker recently re-signed for Season 8, there’s a good chance they’ll do so again if it means they can wrap their characters’ stories properly. Grant Gustin’s contract is set to expire after season 8, and a ninth season would necessitate a re-negotiation.

Is it safe to assume that because the cast’s contracts are about to expire, Season 9 will be cancelled?

Not in the least. It simply means that some “formal talks” must take place before the show can move on to the next round. Also, since Season 8 has only recently begun, we have no idea what will happen next in the show, which could hint at something different. There’s always the possibility of a spin-off or a new Flash taking over the big spot with so many speedsters in the mix.

When will we find out if Season 9 will take place?

The CW has been renewing practically every show on the air (except those that are coming to an end) during mid-season for the past couple of years. That means we’ll probably find out whether The Flash will return in early 2022. Cross your fingers for me!

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