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Eid exemption: Supreme Court slams Kerala; Warning of repercussions

According to Alpha News Call, the Supreme Court has strongly criticized the state government for relaxing Kovid restrictions in Kerala ahead of Bakrid. The court noted that the exemptions would have been revoked if the petition had come earlier.

The court harshly criticized the state’s decision to allow all shops to remain open in areas marked as Category D. On July 19, all shops in the D category were allowed to open without any restrictions. The court also raises the question of why the exemption was given in the D-category, an area of ​​extreme expansion. The court pointed out that everything said in the case related to the Kanwar Yatra in Uttar Pradesh also applies to Kerala. Concessions can have repercussions if the situation worsens. The court noted that the waiver was a matter of grave concern. The court also charged that Kerala was operating under pressure groups.

Kerala should not oppose the right to life. The current decisions are against the people’s right to life. The court also criticized the state of affairs for not protecting the lives and health of the people. The court’s criticism was based on the state’s test positivity rate.

The Supreme Court had yesterday directed the Kerala government to give an explanation for granting lockdown concessions to Bakrid. The Supreme Court sought the government’s position, warning all authorities to remember their previous order on the right to life. The state government’s attorney told the court that no large-scale exemptions had been granted in connection with Bakrid. This is followed by the court observing the matter in harsh language.

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