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‘Do not take vaccine, Christian will not have corona’; False propaganda in the name of religion

Kochi: Christians in their campaign for social media vaksinetukkarutennum keavid not coming. Fake propaganda without a scientific basis is through the Christian League page. This page has commented that ‘those who do not come to Corona after taking the vaccine should stone us’. The Christian League is a page followed by tens of thousands of people on Facebook.

The link to Albichan Muringayil Pala’s YouTube account is on the page. His account regularly shares Christian League posts. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. He was contesting as an independent candidate in Pala constituency.

Earlier, there were allegations that such pages were used to promote religious hatred. Another post on the page also said that Love Jihad was being carried out in the state with the support of the CPI (M).

Love Jihad Alleged Post

The SDPI’s claim that the CPM’s invisibility is behind the Love Jihad killing of Christian girls in the Irtysh region is worrying.

The Christian League had received information that there were black hands of people like Zakir Hussain behind the pressure on the police and the party’s local committee to take a Christian girl to Naduvanad area for love jihad with the connivance of the CPM.

There is concern among Christians that he is spearheading the CPM’s SDPI – affiliated Islamic forces in Aralam, Palappuzha, Vilakode, Narayanpara, Kooranmukku, Naduvanad, Vallithode and Peravoor, which are close to Iritti.

Sutappikalute some srrilbledukaruteyum, shoulders, and held that some of the kaluttarappanmaraya kristyanikalanann irittiyile held .Do a few social dreahikaluteyum kriminalukaluteyum, irittiyil cannabis trade in sutappikaluteyumeakke the power of the majority of Christians ontakkiyitt onnumariyattatupeale come by to donate their hands and feet to push a few nuns of stalking kakkacciriyumayi was pheatteayetuttal ninreyeakke utayippukal know a good .Truth born Vertebrate Thomas Vote Zakir Hussain and the CPM should not think that they will get it. The Hindu comrades will not forget the reprimand of the Peringari leader of DYFI for calling him a blasphemer. The Christian League suspects that the CPM’s protection of the accused in the Abhimanyu murder case in the Narayanpara area was due to their pressure.

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