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Sabu’s declaration of war against Kerala; Critics say the aim is to keep big companies out of the state

Criticism that Sabu M Jacob’s political motives were behind the decision to leave Kitex Kerala. Earlier, Sabu Jacob’s allegations that businessmen could not come to Kerala were criticized, but he refused to back down. Industry Minister P.S. Kitex is pulling out of a major project as similar talks with Rajiv Sabu Jacob progress. The Kitex is the biggest political crisis the Pinarayi government has faced since gaining power.

Although P Rajeev reiterated that the High Court had directly intervened and ordered inspections in the company, Sabu stood firm on the allegations. A government-level meeting was also held on the issue. The industry minister also said there was a discrepancy between the materials and Kitex’s allegations. Establishing a non-industrial friendly state will have huge repercussions for Kerala. Earlier, P Rajeev had said that the allegations were a self-made goal by Sabu for his state post.

Sabu’s allegations will backfire on the progress of the small business sector and the government’s move to attract big industrial companies to Kerala. According to Rajeev, the government is inviting industries to Kerala, not looking at the politics of Kitex. Sabu was not even willing to negotiate with the government even though some of the industrialists in Kerala, including MA Yousafali, demanded that the issue be resolved. Campaigning through the pro-Twenty East Coast’s pro-social media accounts will also indirectly affect the state’s industrial sector.

The gains, including the upswing in the stock market, have hit Kitex hard after Sabu’s harsh allegations. When the company moved its headquarters from Kerala to another state, more favourable conditions were sought for the company. In short, the allegations have been criticized on social media as making political gains for Sabu and financial gains for Kitex.

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