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‘Police should not talk politics on social media’; DGP issued guidelines

State Police Chief Anil Kant issued guidelines for the operation of police stations in the state. The new policies restrict police from saying politics on social media. It also states that the official email address and phone number should not open a personal account on social media.

Complaints of violence against women should be dealt with promptly by the Station House Officer himself. The DGP said that if such a complaint is received, immediate action should be taken to ensure the safety of the victims.

Other suggestions:

The Station House Officer will ensure that receipts are issued for complaints received at police stations. The Inspector himself should hear the complaints of those who come to the police stations. Serious complaints should be filed immediately. These matters should be monitored by the Station House Officer or the DySP.

The duty to be paid daily to the officers of the police stations should be recorded in their notebook by the Station House Officer or in their absence by the Principal SI. If the person arrested by the police and brought to the station has used alcohol or drugs, they should be subjected to immediate medical examination, and legal action should be taken.

The respective sub-divisional police officers should be aware of the complete details of those arrested in criminal cases in each station and those staying in police stations at night. This will ensure that no one is illegally detained.

In non-bailable cases, the Station House Officer should ensure that those arrested are brought to court within the stipulated time after completing the medical examination.

Police officers, who are supposed to be human rights defenders, will take strict action if criminals are detained illegally.

Make it a habit to prepare an inspection memo whether the case is registered or not. If the injuries are found after a physical examination of the criminals arrested by the locals, they should be recorded in the inspection memo. Then a medical examination should be done, and further action should be taken.

It has been noticed that some station house officers are reluctant to question criminals caught by the police squad and shadow police. Following this, the shadow team itself questions them, and it often leads to torture. The fact that the investigating officer does not know the details of the case also affects the prosecution proceedings. Therefore the presence of the Station House Officer and the Investigating Officer is required during the interrogation of criminals.

The practice of forcing complainants to buy necessary stationery at police stations should be stopped immediately. The amount of permanent advance for police stations has been increased to Rs 5,000. District Police Chiefs and DySPs should ensure that this amount is spent efficiently.

Sub-divisional police officers and district police chiefs will pay special attention to evaluate the day-to-day operations of police stations and correct mistakes. Anil Kant suggested that the morning and evening SATA conference and contact with the State Special Branch officers should be used.

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