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‘Merchants in trouble for not even paying rent’; Kanthapuram with public protest

Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar protests against lockdown Kanthapuram demanded that businesses be allowed to open every day, that 40 people be allowed to congregate in churches on Fridays, and that prayers be allowed in the church during the festival.

There are a lot of difficulties with closing shops. When it closes and opens, people flock in large numbers. Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker said that many traders start their business with curries and today they are not even able to pay the rent of the shop. Kanthapuram’s response came after traders staged a strike in Kozhikode Mithaitheru today to protest against the inability to open shops due to lockdown restrictions.

The strike was led by the Traders and Industrialists Coordinating Committee. The clash started when the police tried to remove them. Thirteen people were arrested and evacuated by police. The main demand put forward by traders is that shops should be allowed to open every day. It is alleged that unnecessary restrictions are being imposed on traders in the event of open operations, including bars.

Currently, only shops selling essential items are allowed to open in the area, including Kozhikode Mithai Street. But the protest was organized to demand that shops be allowed to open, including on Candy Street, where there are many small traders, and to seek a waiver on Kovid restrictions. Traders say the restrictions imposed on Kozhikode are unscientific.

The clashes erupted after protesters tried to arrest and evict them. Meanwhile, large crowds have formed as opposition youth organizations have come out in support of the protesters. Many people, led by the Youth Congress, came out in support of the protesters. Yuva Morcha has also announced support for traders. The traders went on strike without the support of political parties. Last month, a number of organizations, including the Indigenous strike, called for the ban to be lifted.

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