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Kitex subject; PK Krishnadas says CPI (M) should not be proud of continuing in power

BJP National Executive Committee member PK Krishnadas criticizes the state government over the Kitex issue. The Pinarayi government is doing the job of trampling out the industries in Kerala and sending them to Telangana and Karnataka. There are no plans to give jobs to young people in Kerala. PK Krishnadas also criticized that if anyone is given a job, they are being kicked out of here.

Krishnadas also alleged that the Pinarayi government was recruiting people for the Quotations team by trampling out industries in Kerala. Quotation groups thrive in Kerala. The BJP leader alleged that the CPI (M) and its allies were turning these groups into a factory that produces groups.

PK Krishnadas, however, said that the CPI (M) should not be proud of having achieved everything because of its continuation of power and that the CPI (M) had suffered a political downfall wherever it continued to rule. PK Krishnadas was speaking while inaugurating the Vidyasagar Sacrifice Day memorial meeting at Mathilakam.

Meanwhile, PK Kunhalikutty MLA has sharply criticized Sabu Jacob on the Kitex issue. Kunhalikutty’s response was that any investor should abide by the law. Kunhalikutty also said that the government should not harass investors by abusing the rules.

Politicians should not show politics to investors. Investors should not play politics either. It both happened at Kitax. Kunhalikutty said that with this, the message that Kerala is not investment-friendly should be taken seriously by those who go out. Kitex was used politically by the Left Front. There have been issues during the UDF government as well. Kunhalikutty said that as the then Minister of Industries, he had intervened and resolved the issue.

Commenting on Sabu Jacob’s remarks, Industries Minister P Rajeev said that Kitex MD was trying to spread the word against Kerala all over the world. P Rajeev responded that the government was not interested in continuing this debate and that everyone could say whatever they wanted according to their standards.

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