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Department of Health with action plan to vaccinate pregnant women; Special camps, vaccine for all pregnant women

Thiruvananthapuram: Health Minister Veena George has said that a campaign called ‘Model Armor’ will be launched to provide the COVID vaccine to all pregnant women in the state.

As part of the Model Campaign, all pregnant women will be registered for vaccination under the leadership of Asha activists at the ward level. Those who can register on their own will be encouraged to do so. Those without facilities like smartphones and computers will be registered with the help of Asha activists. He said health workers would ensure that all pregnant women in each sub-centre area were registered and vaccinated.

Special vaccination camps for pregnant women will be conducted on special days at the district level. Arrangements will be made at the vaccination centres to avoid contact with others who come for vaccination.

If COVID is affected, it can seriously affect the health of pregnant women. The disease can be serious in people over the age of 35, obese people, and people with diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It can also affect the health of the fetus. Therefore, getting vaccinated during pregnancy is a very important preventive measure. Pregnant women can receive any COVID vaccine currently being offered in the country.

The vaccine can be given at any time during pregnancy. It is safer to take two doses of the vaccine during pregnancy. It is best to get the vaccine as early as possible. The vaccine can be given only after childbirth if the covid is infected during pregnancy. However, the vaccine can be given only three months after the onset of the disease.

After receiving the vaccine, mild fever, injection site pain and fatigue may occur for one to three days. The minister said that even after receiving the vaccine, one should continue to wear a mask, maintain social distance and wash one’s hands frequently with soap and water.

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