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The Congress is suffering from the tragedy of admitting disqualified persons on behalf of the group: K Muraleedharan

V Muraleedharan said that the Congress was now suffering as a result of the disqualification of members of the group. Muraleedharan attributed the election defeat to the group’s style and working style. Muraleedharan added that he would support whoever comes to the KPCC presidency and that he would not run for the post. His remarks were made in an exclusive interview with Manorama News.

Muraleedharan pointed out that the Congress now has no ranks and only leaders. The Lok Sabha elections are still three years away. But we have to start building ranks from now on. Part-time office-bearers are now the curse of Congress. Muraleedharan added that the jumbo committees will be dissolved with the arrival of the new president.

Muraleedharan reminded that leaders should be attentive to the activities of the party, regardless of their affiliation. It is not the right way to have a group of leaders who look at party affairs only part time. Only those who are willing to devote their entire time to the party should be party office bearers. He added that the Congress needs to study in detail the electoral defeat.

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