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Pressure for Kodikkunni to head KPCC; Groups blocking Sudhakaran’s arrival

Pressure from groups to elect Kodikunnil Suresh as KPCC president. The groups stated their opposition to K Sudhakaran before the High Command and the Ashok Chavan Committee. The A and I groups have the same position in this regard.

Things are moving from the discussion on the need for Dalit representation for the post of KPCC president to the nomination of Kodikunnil Suresh. He is currently the Working President of KPCC. It is pointed out that age, tough stance and defeat in Kannur are the factors that prevent Sudhakaran from reaching the post of KPCC president. K Sudhakaran is the name that has risen to the position of the chairperson from the first phase.

At the same time, there are indications that Suresh is making moves in Kodukunnil through Congress president Sonia Gandhi. Kodikunnu, who has volunteered to run for the presidency, is arguing for Dalit representation.

Earlier in the day, Ashok Chavan had asked the youth leaders to include only 70 former leaders in the Political Affairs Committee. It was alleged at the time that this could hamper Sudhakaran’s arrival.

Kodikunnil Suresh had earlier openly stated that he was eligible for the post of KPCC president. His revelation is in Reporter TV Editors’ Hour.

No one else from Kerala has been elected to the Lok Sabha so many times. No one praises or praises it just because it is itself and because it is a Dalit. He does not need it. This can be achieved by working hard for the people in the constituency. He has worked in AICC, served as Union Minister, has been KPCC Working President and is eligible to chair the KPCC. Kodikunnil said there was no justification for not considering it in any sense.

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