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‘Speaker does not mean one who does not speak, he speaks on political matters outside the House’; MB Rajesh

Appointed Speaker MB Rajesh said that he does not understand that the Speaker is a person who has no opinion on anything and that he will comment on political issues outside the House from within the confines. Rajesh also said that he would act appropriately with the post of Speaker, which is a constitutional position. It is true that the speaker can only speak within limits. But that does not mean silence on all issues, he added. His response was in an exclusive interview with Manorama News.

‘The speaker is someone who has to go beyond party politics in the House. I may need some time to adjust to that position. But outside the church, there will be comments on political, social and cultural issues beyond party politics. Rajesh clarified.

Rajesh said he understands that Vidy Satheesan, who was elected Leader of the Opposition, is a good socialite. Satheesan is a person who learns things well and speaks. Rajesh said that with his intervention, the government will be able to take the administration forward in a manner that is beneficial to the people. Strictly intervene in the church. At the same time, everyone will have the opportunity to explain things. Rajesh added that he will intervene to use the time of the church efficiently.

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