Caste discussion on social media; Reply by K Radhakrishnan

Appointed Devaswom Minister K Radhakrishnan has said that discussions on social media about his caste are unnecessary. He told Reporter TV Editors’ Hour that he did not pay attention to the discussion and did not need it.

K Radhakrishnan’s words: silicate is to me as well as my ability to work elppicc Party. And it will continue to do so. Discussions are not taken seriously and discussion is not required. The CPI (M) and the LDF have taken a stand to protect the faith of all sections. I take the same position. The Left is moving forward with new perspectives in all areas. The people lost faith in the Left Front. It will be guarded. Of the 99, all have the potential to become ministers. In 1996, I had no administrative experience. I was a member of the Party Area Committee that day. Everyone should try to grow when the party gives them a chance. The assigned responsibility will be handled beautifully.

Meanwhile, film directors Ranjith and Ranji Panicker took to social media to say that discussions on Radhakrishnan’s caste were unnecessary.

Ranjith said that K Radhakrishnan was a strong leftist conscious person. He is a person he has known for years. His caste is not the issue here. Ranjith told Reporter TV Editors’ Hour that he would also manage the Devaswom department with utmost care. Ranji Panicker told Reporter TV Editors’ Hour that K Radhakrishnan is a person who has taken on responsibilities in a very good way before. He is confident that he will be able to carry out the new responsibilities given to him in a better way. He also said that his caste issue is not here and it is not something that needs to be discussed.

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