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22-year-old girl brutally tortured in Delhi; A Facebook friend who was trapped by promising marriage

22-year-old girl brutally tortured in Delhi About 25 people brutally sexually assaulted the girl. The young man he met through Facebook promised to marry her, misled her and sexually assaulted her. The woman complained to the police nine days after the incident. The woman said the delay in filing the complaint was due to the physical ailments that followed the torture.

The woman, who has been living in Delhi for four years, was working as a housemaid. Meanwhile, in January this year, the woman met a young man named Sagar through Facebook. The two later exchanged phone numbers. Meanwhile, Sagar was interested in marrying the girl. He called the girl to the hotel area on the pretext of introducing her parents.

But Sagar took the girl from there to the forest area of ​​Ramagraha village. There, a group, including Sagar’s brother, brutally sexually assaulted the girl. The next day, the girl was taken to a man named Akash’s house and sexually assaulted by about five people. When the woman’s health deteriorated due to the torture, a five-member team left her at the Badarpur border and left the place.

The woman had complained to the police on May 12. The woman said it was too late to file a complaint due to her poor health. Sagar has already been arrested and is being investigated for others, police sources said.

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