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RT PCR rate is Rs 500; High court rejects lab owners’ demand

The RTPCR rate in the state will remain at Rs.500. The High Court did not accept the demand of the lab owners to stay the government order reducing the rates.

Private lab owners have approached the high court against reducing the RTPCR test rate to Rs 500. The lab owners claimed that the government order to reduce the rate was unilateral and that the government had reduced the RTPTR test rate without hearing their side. However, the government told the court that Kerala had the highest rate in the country.

In Punjab, the rates are Rs 450, in Orissa Rs 400 and Maharashtra Rs 500. The government stated that there were many complaints about the high rates being charged in Kerala and that the rates were reduced. He added that the state government has the power to fix the rates for RTPTR tests.

The court observed that the cost of the inspection was only Rs 135 to Rs 245. The court observed that the government had fixed the rates after conducting a market study and refused to accept the demand that no legal action should be taken against the labs, which refused to carry out the tests at low rates.

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