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Ernakulam tightens lockdown restrictions; Retail is not allowed in the markets

Ernakulam Rural SPK Karthik said that more restrictions would be imposed in the district in lockdown in the state. The SP said markets in Ernakulam rural district would be restricted during lockdown days. He made it clear that retailing would not be allowed in markets and wholesalers.

District boundaries will be restricted from Saturday. Access to cities will be barricaded to prevent businesses from overcrowding in the name of lockdown. The SP is conducting vehicle inspections on the National Highway and Aluva.

Police had earlier pointed out the shortcomings of the lockdown order issued by the state government in the wake of the second wave of Kovid gaining strength. The police demanded that concessions be reduced and that more restrictions be imposed on the construction sector. Police also shared the concern that the lockdown could not be implemented effectively if so many concessions were granted.

According to the police, if further concessions are allowed, there will be widespread clashes in the streets. The police said that the order granting work permits to the co-operatives and concessions to the construction sector was impractical. Police have expressed dissatisfaction with the CM after the lockdown order was issued.

The lockdown will take effect in the state from tomorrow. Under the current order, 20 people can attend pre-arranged marriages by the Kovid protocol. The information should be reported to the police station in advance and registered on the Kovid Vigilance Portal. Funeral services are also permitted for 20 people. This, too, must be registered on the Kovid Vigilance Portal. Hospitals and various institutions in the health sector have licenses. Activities such as agriculture, horticulture, fisheries and animal husbandry will be allowed. It can operate ration shops, grocery stores, vegetable and fruit shops, dairy products, fish and meat outlets and bakeries. All shops must close by 7.30 pm. Bank, Insurance, Cash institutions can transact from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It must be paid at two o’clock. Media institutions can work.

Petrol pumps, gas agencies, cable service and DTH, are licensed to operate. Production centres and distribution centres for essential goods can function. There will be no road or water transport services. Metro trains also do not operate. There will not impede the movement of goods. All educational, coaching, training and research institutions must be closed. Volunteers for Covid 19 activities can travel.

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