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‘Poonjar was beaten to death alone’; George did not get NDA votes either

Kochi: Erattupetta is one of the places in the history of the Poonjar constituency where PC George was attached. Even when the fronts changed, the political situation was such that George could secure a certain percentage of the vote from Erattupetta. The changes in Kerala politics following the Sabarimala women’s admission issue have impacted George, pushing Erattupetta away from George. All the anti-Muslim remarks and allegations of love jihad led to the defeat of the People’s Leader.

In the 2016 election, George received 7195 votes in the municipal constituency and this time; he got only 1125 votes. It can be read in conjunction with the fact that some people from Erattupetta shouted at George during the campaign. The gains were made in Poonjar, Poonjar Thekkekara and Thidanad panchayats. But in none of these areas did he get enough votes to get a majority. Those who predicted that anti-Muslim remarks would be politically correct were also wrong.

Minority votes in many areas fell in the box of LDF candidate Sebastian Kulathingal. George, who won with a majority of 27,821 votes, was reportedly miscalculated by NDA votes. Not only did the NDA not get the votes it had hoped for, but it also led to the defeat.

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