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‘Idukki Congress needs to be dismantled from the grassroots’; DCC president announces resignation

Idukki DCC president Ibrahimkutty Kallar says he is ready to resign. Ibrahimkutty Kallar told the leadership that he was prepared to leave as president as Congress had to concede a heavy defeat in the district’s crisis. He also said that the community needs to be dismantled to the grassroots within the Congress.

Meanwhile, various DCC presidents have come forward to resign, taking moral responsibility for Congress’s defeat in the elections. Following the party’s defeat in the Alappuzha district, M Liju resigned as district DCC president and submitted his resignation to KPCC president Mullappally Ramachandran. The UDF won only nine seats in the Harippad constituency in Alappuzha. The LDF won all eight seats in the district.

M Liju had said that the seats that the Congress could win in Alappuzha were subverted. There was a public outcry against the candidates from within the party. He told the flex boards were publicly buried.

In Wayanad, DCC general secretary MG Biju also resigned. The resignation follows the defeat of PK Jayalakshmi in Mananthavady.

In Kannur, Satheesan Pacheni has also announced his resignation. Pacheni raised strong criticism against the leadership. Satheesan Pacheni assessed that Kannur was expected to be recaptured, and even in the UDF strongholds, there was not the expected majority.

Satheesan Pacheni also suggested that the Congress base should be strengthened. Koothuparamba and Azhikode did not perform as expected. The burden of failure is on the leadership. He said that the necessary change would take place in Kannur as well.

‘Congress has lost ground. Votes were lost in the areas of influence in Kannur. It will be examined whether there was an attempt to defeat him from within the party. It needs to be dismantled from the state level. DCC president ready to resign It is up to the party to decide. ‘ Satheesan Pacheni said he was prepared to leave.

He alleged that the BJP vote was rigged against the LDF candidate and said that Pacheni would conduct a booth level check and take action.

‘A section of the BJP reversed the vote for the Left candidate. The grassroots activity should shift to the care system. This does not end political action ‘, said Satheesan Pacheni.

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