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Kerala: Online classes of English Malayalee going viral

45 minute Malayalam video about English Times goes viral. The video class of Geo Sebastian, an entrepreneur and English teacher from Palarivattom, Ernakulam, in Cambridge, England, went viral to make it easier for Malayalees to handle the English language. Geo Sebastian’s class on English tennis has been viewed by 1.8 million people so far via Facebook Live. It was a live video from three years ago, but it’s only recently gone viral. His presentation on English tense, which is very interesting and easy to understand, made the video popular with the audience.

Geos Sebastian, who teaches English to people of different nationalities in Cambridge, has started a Facebook page called Geos English for Malayalees. Through this, he manages the classes for free. Many Malayalees from Kerala and Gulf countries are learning English from Geo through Facebook.

Ignorance of the world language, English, often hinders the growth of life. He takes free English classes, especially for Malayalees, through Facebook, thinking that no one should be bothered by not knowing the language. Geo says his goal is to learn and teach English effortlessly.

He is the founder of Cambridge – based tech company Geos English and has launched the Geo English app with the aim of teaching English to other countries, including China. Geo Sebastian, who has worked with leading English experts at Cambridge for academic publications, has also given English classes for several international students.

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