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STMicroelectronics N.V. (STM) and Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (CY) Swings Under News Buzzer

STMicroelectronics N.V. (NYSE: STM) retreated its position after a shares change of -0.97% on Wednesday, and it traded at $16.37. The 52-week high of the share price is -4.60%, and the 52-week low of the share price is 211.22%.

G+D Mobile Security, Murata, and STMicroelectronics Bring Flexible and Efficient Security Solutions to a Wide Range of IoT Devices. New long-range and low-power IoT technologies like Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) enable new use cases in application areas such as smart cities, smart agriculture, smart manufacturing, and work safety. Alongside robustness and availability, Security is a key to the successful adoption of these new applications. G+D Mobile Security, Murata, and STMicroelectronics have teamed up integrating cost-effective security features into IoT devices. Available now for a wide range of applications and vertical markets, the joint solution aims to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data exchanged and to allow the distribution of LPWAN keys[1] in a fully secure manner.

The number of devices connected to the Internet is steadily increasing, and they are often used in a broad range of critical systems. Non-cellular connectivity, such as through LoRaWAN(TM), will play an essential role in vital IoT applications. Non-secure devices in these vital systems are an easy target for manipulation and attacks and pose a severe risk to the application and the whole infrastructure. The new solution by G+D Mobile Security, Murata, and STMicroelectronics makes it easy to integrate security already at the device production facility, adding value to the product and protection to the IoT ecosystem efficiently and conveniently.

The shares performance of STM was -1.98% for the last month and -1.15% in the previous week, whereas year to date performance was calculated at 44.23%. The goal of share performance is to compare managers to the interests of shareholders. Their goal is similar to employee stock-option plans, as they offer a clear incentive for management to focus their efforts on maximising shareholder value. When calculating the EPS estimates for the current year from sell-side analysts, the Price to current year EPS stands at 57.60%. Investors looking further ahead will note that the Price of next year’s EPS is 18.72%.

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (NASDAQ: CY) moved down -0.78%, with a 6.62 Million trading volume in the latest trading session. Camillo Martino and J. Daniel McCranie, nominees for election to the Cypress Semiconductor Corporation (CY) Board of Directors at the 2017 Annual Meeting of Stockholders now slated to be held on June 20, 2017, and T.J. Rodgers, founder and former CEO of Cypress and the Company’s largest individual stockholder, reported that independent proxy voting and corporate governance advisory firm Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) has recommended that Cypress stockholders vote the GOLD proxy card FOR the election of Messrs. Martino and McCranie to the Cypress Board of Directors. In changing its recommendation to endorse both CypressFirst nominees, ISS joins independent proxy advisory firms Glass Lewis and Egan-Jones in calling for the replacement of Cypress’s conflicted executive chairman Ray Bingham and lead independent director Eric Benhamou. He has failed his duty to enforce the Cypress Code of Ethics.

In its June 6 report entitled “Cypress Semiconductor Corp. (CY): Further Down the Rabbit Hole,” ISS analyses recent disclosures by Cypress – which resulted from CypressFirst’s campaign to expose the truth about Bingham’s conflicts of interest. ISS states:

“The recent disclosures suggest that a greater degree of board oversight is necessary than initially thought and diminish concerns relating to the downside risks associated with directly supporting the dissident nominee. At a minimum, the supplemental disclosures raise additional – and sharper – questions not only regarding the board’s handling of this situation but also regarding the potential for conflicts of interest inherent in Bingham’s dual roles.

CY has a current ratio of 1.30 for the latest quarter. As concerns shares volumes, in share Capital Company has 333.93 million outstanding shares. Among them, 317.56 million shares have been floated in market exchange. The firm’s institutional ownership remained 97.30%, while insider ownership included 0.50%.

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